Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Only Gets Better....

In light of recent circumstances I have observed with some of my friends, I'd like to dedicate this to all those in need of good signs.  Becaus it only gets better.  Nature says so.

Observe sunflower seeds. An often overlooked part of the sunflower, unless you are a baseball player and often ingest them.  They are small.  They are closed off.  And sometimes merely one can seem insignificant.  But it only gets better.

So you plant or scatter sunflower seeds. The next step is the sprout. This growth is often overlooked, with people wishing a flower would go ahead and bloom already.  But look a little closer, and you will see a highly mathematically-based pattern known as a fibonacci sequence, reflected here.  It goes to show you not everything can be controlled. And that perhaps everything has a purpose. And it only gets better.  

So with a little love, warmth, strength to persevere, we behold a sunflower.  And look, they come in every shade and size.  Some last for months, growing taller or wider, producing more and more of these bright oddities.  But they too pass on.  They leave us with seeds, the result of their entire season and entire life, as a sign that it only gets better. And you can always (and often will) start over. But it only gets better.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do what makes you happy

"Do what makes you happy." Those five words greeted me as I ended my day. I suppose the point of a horoscope is to read it in the morning and plan  your day accordingly, but why bother with convention? This simple, five worded sentence appeared to me on the best night I have had this year so far.  Ironic, conventional, factual....? Whatever you call it, it is a true story.

Although I suppose I would have done a few things differently, had I received that advice over my morning coffee. I would not have let someone else tell me to change what makes me happy. And thus would not have stolen a few extra minutes on every break I had today, resulting in a slightly guilty-slightly vengeful mood. 

I suppose I might have kissed him. But I did what made me happy. And had amazing style about it. So did I fulfill a prophecy? No. I believe that statement is an affirmation. I do what makes me happy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't Worry About Tomorrow

"Don't worry about tomorrow, you did that yesterday."
As I drove by this church billboard, I couldn't help but chuckle a little. Sure I did that yesterday, and I got up, went to work, did a nice job, and drove home past this sign yesterday too.  But today I read the sign.

And I disagree with the chipper attitude displayed hence. Sure I worried about tomorrow yesterday.  But the majority of my worries didn't accumulate until I woke up this morning. How am I going to make it through another long shift? How long can I postpone getting out of bed and still have time for coffee?  Will I have time to throw together a peanut-butter and jelly to-go for lunch? And that was only over the course of five minutes. Then starts in the to-do list: charge phone; don't forget ipod; get gas; study for test on sunday; practice lines; play music; clean car; don't forget to smile...

You know, maybe if I spend more time worrying about tomorrow, I'll be too exhausted to worry about today. And I'll get through, in a zen-by-default one day at a time attitude. And maybe I'll take up yoga, and spend hours meditating on the simplicity and deep complications of one single day....But that was the alarm on my phone. I don't have time for this today. Maybe I will worry about that tomorrow.