Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The One

So there I was, again. Pretending to not be in a miserable relationship with fibromyalgia.  I set out on a mission for bad news, bad signs, anything that could justify how I felt.

But that is the funny thing about signs. If we really pay attention, we would notice they can defy us more often than not.

I found that sign, The One.  Don't be fooled by the name, that sign isn't the end-all be-all of signs.  But it is of the breed of sign known as The One.

This sign sneaks up on us. We are on a mission for something else, or like me, for ominous signs. We are moments away from what we think we supposed to be achieving. The sign itself tends to be neutral in news and stature.

But the effects. Hang on to your hats! My sign was regarding graduation.  I thought the advisor would look down at me from horn rimmed glasses, sigh slightly, and declare, "You won't be able to graduate for three more years at least, courtesy of your change of major."

But that wasn't the news. I would be finished with my I am required to take relatively soon.  And I would have enough credits left to fill a major. And become a research assistant. Maybe even do an independent study and research. Possibly get hired by my school. Be able to join the Equestrian Club-because I can. Learn Italian--because I have to take a language anyway. Did I mention mastering the GRE, and getting into my dream grad school? But that is further down the line. Who knows what can happen in two years, if I take every possible opportunity infront of me and pursue some that aren't readily at my feet?

It was The One. The one which hope and possibility fill you to the brim.  You see the chances you have and you don't know exactly where you will go, but you are going. The One.

May your One sign find always find you. Just be open to it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sign of Choices

I have played the flute for over a decade.  It is the fastest way for me to completely lose myself in something. 

This past year I joined the Symphony Orchestra with my college.  It has been such an enlightening experience. I find myself surrounded by strangers, connected through sound and energy that cannot be seen.

And my favorite part of rehearsal is tuning.  It is the start of the music, the first movement of sound.  The hairs literally stand up on my arms. The sound surrounds the orchestra like a wave, leaving no one untouched, no one unaffected. It fills each of us, spilling over to our own sound, adding to the wave, to the anticipation of what could be.

Our conductor was giving pointers to the violins.

"Play it beautifully."

It is our choice to listen to the music, to drink it in, the share in the invisible movement of sound. Tune yourself in to the waves around you. 

Play it beautifully.

Sometimes the music isn't airy or light.  Sometimes it is sad, but it is meant to be sad. Still.

Play it beautifully.

It is our choice to partake. Our sound to add. Beautifully.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I don't Believe in (II)

Don't let some idea about yourself keep you from happiness,  read my horoscope.  It sounds like a no-brainer.  But it means so much more. 

And it ties in perfectly with two more things I don't believe in. 

First, there is the overused word 'awkward.'  I don't believe there are too many things that qualify for awkward outside of a grammatical sense (or it's own spelling awkward- ironic). As soon as you succomb to 'awkward,' suddenly you and everything around feels that way, and awkward gets on everything. So I don't believe in awkward. It is only awkward if you are awkward, and then everything is awkward.

The second thing I don't believe in, (same church different pew) is boring. People will exclaim, "I am so BORED!" When in reality if you are bored, you are boring.  I am never bored. I don't believe in it. Why bother being bored, and for that matter, boring?!

When I told a good friend of mine, she laughed and called me precious.  And then she thought about it for a minute, and decided that she doesn't believe in 'sucking.'

Be careful with the words you use, they can easily be applied to you.  Once applied, they might keep you from being happy.  Don't let some idea about yourself keep you from happiness...wise words from the universe.