Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I don't Believe in (II)

Don't let some idea about yourself keep you from happiness,  read my horoscope.  It sounds like a no-brainer.  But it means so much more. 

And it ties in perfectly with two more things I don't believe in. 

First, there is the overused word 'awkward.'  I don't believe there are too many things that qualify for awkward outside of a grammatical sense (or it's own spelling awkward- ironic). As soon as you succomb to 'awkward,' suddenly you and everything around feels that way, and awkward gets on everything. So I don't believe in awkward. It is only awkward if you are awkward, and then everything is awkward.

The second thing I don't believe in, (same church different pew) is boring. People will exclaim, "I am so BORED!" When in reality if you are bored, you are boring.  I am never bored. I don't believe in it. Why bother being bored, and for that matter, boring?!

When I told a good friend of mine, she laughed and called me precious.  And then she thought about it for a minute, and decided that she doesn't believe in 'sucking.'

Be careful with the words you use, they can easily be applied to you.  Once applied, they might keep you from being happy.  Don't let some idea about yourself keep you from happiness...wise words from the universe.


Jen B. said...

That makes a lot of sense! I never stopped to think about it that way. I see a lot of people on Facebook saying "I'm so bored" and honestly, I never feel that way. There's always something to do. Good post!

El said...

Thank you! I always tell my friends that not being bored is a conscious lifestyle choice! :)

Thanks for stopping by!