Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Yellow Brick Road, part I

While everyone is posting about New Year's Eve, I thought I would post something ordinary, well as ordinary as my signs come.

I recently had a "Wizard of Oz" experience. Come, walk with me.
I journeyed to a magical land of country roads and no street lights.  Instead of a Land of Oz, I was searching for my friend's Christmas lights display. (He programs them to music; he is one of those people.) To be honest with you, it was an excuse to see the Great And Powerful Oz himself.  Amidst all the flashing, blinking, and twinkling lights, I made my way to the front door and knocked.  Rather timidly.

"Who dares disturb the Great And Powerful Oz?" An unseen voice boomed. Well, actually they said rather gruffly, "Who is it?"  When I replied who I was, the voice gruffly spoke again, "What do you want?"  I wanted to drop off a gift and see the Great And Powerful Oz in hopes of charming my way into his heart.  But I only mentioned the first part.

The gruffness was dropped after I peaked behind the curtain--er, garage.  It was all a case of mistaken identity. The voice, who happened to be the Father of Oz, thought I was one of his neices.  He apologized and had a good laugh with me about it.  Turns out Oz wasn't home. 

But what proceeded was light and wonderful conversation with two of the nicest people I have ever met.  They seemed to greatly enjoy me.  Who wouldn't enjoy the company of a girl with an affinity for pesky dogs and an eye for adventure? Step one down,  charming the parents!

Back to my journey. So what was I looking for?  Even though I have been likening myself to Dorothy, I wasn't looking for a way home.  (Besides, my overly romantic heart believes I had just found it.) No, I find I am in need of courage to ask for what I want and believe I deserve it; a heart that shines with possibilities for all to see; a brain to know when to stop deluding myself.

Wait a minute, doesn't the Wizard of Oz have a happy ending?!

Hopefully this spin-off will, too. To be continued...

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