Friday, December 16, 2011

A Sign Of Hard Work

After another long day of working with the circus, I looked at my friend who was painting faces.  She had an accidental paint mustache with stained hands and colorful freckles. I started to say, "You have a little something-" and she stopped me. "I know."

It is a sign of working hard, getting your hands-er, face- dirty.  Just ask pro-ball players, mothers of small children, animal trainers, chefs, and new to the list, circus workers.  A sign of perseverance against all odds, it may seem. And a sign of working hard.

I went to hand my friend a baby wipe.  Instead of accepting the baby wipe, with a mighty flourish she grabbed the bottle of glitter and spritzed her face.  "It...[glitter] just like deodorant," she proceeded to inform me while comically sparkling her shirt and armpits. "It can only make things better."

I laughed.  I knew what she meant.  So when you are working hard and you get a little dirty, you know people will stare.  So you might as well give them something to look at, to really be caught off guard with.  Maybe it is the tribal marking that resulted from the exquisite finger painting masterpiece your child made you. Or maybe it is the blue ribbon to go with your chocolate stained apron.  Or maybe it is glitter to go with your misplaced face paint.  Wear them as well earned badges of honor.  Wear them with deodorant. Wear them with confidence and succulent smiles. Because if they are going to stare, they might as well have something to look at, and you might as well be worth looking at!

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