Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sign of Choices

I have played the flute for over a decade.  It is the fastest way for me to completely lose myself in something. 

This past year I joined the Symphony Orchestra with my college.  It has been such an enlightening experience. I find myself surrounded by strangers, connected through sound and energy that cannot be seen.

And my favorite part of rehearsal is tuning.  It is the start of the music, the first movement of sound.  The hairs literally stand up on my arms. The sound surrounds the orchestra like a wave, leaving no one untouched, no one unaffected. It fills each of us, spilling over to our own sound, adding to the wave, to the anticipation of what could be.

Our conductor was giving pointers to the violins.

"Play it beautifully."

It is our choice to listen to the music, to drink it in, the share in the invisible movement of sound. Tune yourself in to the waves around you. 

Play it beautifully.

Sometimes the music isn't airy or light.  Sometimes it is sad, but it is meant to be sad. Still.

Play it beautifully.

It is our choice to partake. Our sound to add. Beautifully.

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joeh said...

Musicians are their own special group in this world.. They speak a special language and communicate unlike the rest of us. I have always wished I could join this special group, I have tried, but it ain't happening.

You are very lucky