Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The One

So there I was, again. Pretending to not be in a miserable relationship with fibromyalgia.  I set out on a mission for bad news, bad signs, anything that could justify how I felt.

But that is the funny thing about signs. If we really pay attention, we would notice they can defy us more often than not.

I found that sign, The One.  Don't be fooled by the name, that sign isn't the end-all be-all of signs.  But it is of the breed of sign known as The One.

This sign sneaks up on us. We are on a mission for something else, or like me, for ominous signs. We are moments away from what we think we supposed to be achieving. The sign itself tends to be neutral in news and stature.

But the effects. Hang on to your hats! My sign was regarding graduation.  I thought the advisor would look down at me from horn rimmed glasses, sigh slightly, and declare, "You won't be able to graduate for three more years at least, courtesy of your change of major."

But that wasn't the news. I would be finished with my I am required to take relatively soon.  And I would have enough credits left to fill a major. And become a research assistant. Maybe even do an independent study and research. Possibly get hired by my school. Be able to join the Equestrian Club-because I can. Learn Italian--because I have to take a language anyway. Did I mention mastering the GRE, and getting into my dream grad school? But that is further down the line. Who knows what can happen in two years, if I take every possible opportunity infront of me and pursue some that aren't readily at my feet?

It was The One. The one which hope and possibility fill you to the brim.  You see the chances you have and you don't know exactly where you will go, but you are going. The One.

May your One sign find always find you. Just be open to it.

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