Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do what makes you happy

"Do what makes you happy." Those five words greeted me as I ended my day. I suppose the point of a horoscope is to read it in the morning and plan  your day accordingly, but why bother with convention? This simple, five worded sentence appeared to me on the best night I have had this year so far.  Ironic, conventional, factual....? Whatever you call it, it is a true story.

Although I suppose I would have done a few things differently, had I received that advice over my morning coffee. I would not have let someone else tell me to change what makes me happy. And thus would not have stolen a few extra minutes on every break I had today, resulting in a slightly guilty-slightly vengeful mood. 

I suppose I might have kissed him. But I did what made me happy. And had amazing style about it. So did I fulfill a prophecy? No. I believe that statement is an affirmation. I do what makes me happy.

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