Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sign of Compassion

 Today I recalled a story I once heard in one of my high school classes.

There once was a contest to find the Most Compassionate Kid in the world. Parents from all over sent in videos of small children sharing cookies and crayons. Pictures and hand drawn cards to teachers, soldiers, and siblings. Poetry of all kinds.

One video in particular struck the judges.  In it,  an elderly man sat on his front porch.  A small boy walked up, unaware of the anger and bitterness in his neighbor's eyes.  He sat next to him on the step, very close, for hours.  Words might have passed but no talking was visible or audible from the distance the video was shot. The boy sat very still. And then, the man slumped forward and cried. The boy remained, and put his hand on the man's back.

The judges called the little boy. 
     "What did you say to that old man?" they inquired.
The boy looked at them quizzically.
     "I didn't say anything.
          I let him cry.
               And I didn't let him do it alone."

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