Friday, September 2, 2011

Soup Spoons

Besides traffic, there are very few things out of my control that get under my skin. One of the more quirky of these are soup spoons.
Why are they so big and pretentious? They are not the best fit for most mouths (and nobody loves soup that much). They don't hang off your nose properly. They sit on the table collecting dust because so few people use them with their soup, and they cramp the space of the other utensils in the dish washer. Plus, they always get mixed in with the other spoons in the untensil drawer, completely throwing off the spooning.

Needless to say, they are more than pointless.

And today, I have come to realize that soup spoons can be a living metaphor.  Today they are a metaphor for irritating jobs (and the big-headed bosses that come with them). Traffic can be a Soup Spoon. So can low-fat lattes,second cousins, and your neighbor's noisy dog.

So if you have an unnatural abundance of soup spoons, or Soup Spoons, I have a few recommendations. Gather up spoons and have a sundae feast. Then throw them at the Soup Spoons in your life. It's a fool proof way to get all of your Soup Spoons out of your life, for good!

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