Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Who doesn't love blueberries? They are the ultimate snack, poptart flavor, cheesecake accessory, and antioxidant.

So naturally I grabbed them to go with my lunch as I left this morning.  There was about half of the carton left.

I went about my day, with my lunch, folders, sweater, and blueberries in my purse. Until lunch time.

See, lunch time rolled around and I reached for my super fruit, but they were no where to be found. Somehow a half a carton of blueberries escaped my purse.

It made me realize that sometimes you only have things for a limited period of time. Sometimes they weren't yours to hold or enjoy in the long run.  And sometimes they leave a mess behind (imagine 100+ blueberries rolling on the floor somewhere!!).

It doesn't mean it is the last time you will ever enjoy blueberries again.  It just means it wasn't the right time for you to have them right now.

This leaves you will two choices.

1.  Retrace your steps to find the mess of blueberries in your past.


2. Take steps towards the fruit in your future.

Because it seems pretty apparent to me that opportunities--and blueberries--aren't lengthy visitors.


JohnD said...

It was the Purse Gobbler! It lurks in deep dark places like women's purses and handbags (and also manbags, just so I keep my sexist ratings up) and they gobble up all sorts of things.

Once saw a lady trip on the sidewalk and go sprawling across the pavement. Her handbag disgorged enuff material to fill a dumpster. I said - "Urggg - look at that Purse Gobbler spew!"

Lara Schiffbauer said...

At least they didn't break open in your purse and end up leaving blueberry juice all over. Still, a bummer the berries were gone. You handled the missing berries better than I think I would have. I would have been sad. I guess there isn't much to do, other than as you said, move on to looking for some more fruit!