Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time For A Crazy Change

I am very familiar with crazy--both the people and the situational variety.  Just last week I had a mom scream at me, "You shouldn't be working with children!" because her child didn't get face painted. I got bitten on the arm at a restaurant on a first date and had to pay for both meals.  My brother listens to deathcore and sings--I mean  screams-- along. Oh, and my dog thinks she is a person.

All that being said, my definition of crazy tends to be pretty intense. Exhausting.  Frustrating. Daily.  It mostly comes from my circus job.  Something about the loudness of small children, being at least 20 people deep in line, the unpredictability of parents, and battling the elements just hits my bloodstream like a shot of adrenaline.
So when the receptionist I was shadowing for my new job at a spa exclaimed, "Today is just going to be CRAZY!"  I braced myself the impact....that never came.

Sure there were a decent number of appointments.  Sure there are a lot of duties and endless laundry to fold. But there wasn't a rush. We weren't 5 people deep with all the phone lines ringing while the rest of the staff ran towels and the tea light candles singed the silk plants.  It was a steady, non-stressful pace.

It was a great sign for change.  This time, it was a definition change. A time to reset the limits.

Maybe my definition of crazy was, in fact, crazy. Accepting something so insanely out of balance could only send the rest of my life a little off kilter. (Sometimes it is hard to recognize that, though.  We like to think that if we fight long and hard enough, things will always get easier. Unfortunately, this isn't always true.) If this is my new definition of crazy, my quality of life is about to go way up. Crazy I didn't recognize this before...

At the end of the day, the receptionist turned to me and sincerely asked, "Wasn't that just crazy?" Something about the New Age music and the fact that I could still feel my feet made me smile. "Sure was."

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