Saturday, February 25, 2012

Your Own Sign

Driving home from a particularly irritating circus gig, I saw a sign.

No, literally. I saw a woman holding a sign. It was bright pink.  I was intrigued.  Hand-written in sharpie marker, I struggled to read the words.  Then I saw them. Three awe-inspiring words:
Girl Scout Cookies.
I whipped in that parking lot. I searched my car for $3.50.  I ate half a sleeve before I even got home (I know, and yes, I am). Thin Mints, in case you were wondering.  Has anyone else noted that they are not actually "thin" nor do they keep you thin, and that they are more chocolate than mint?  But I suppose the name "Chubby Chocolates" would really put a dent in cookie sales.

But I digress. 

The point is, sometimes we have to make our own signs.  We have to grab brightly colored paper, thick sharpie markers and write our message for the world to see.  Whether this is a service we can offer or a need to be fulfilled.  Whether is just a statement to be heard or noticed by anybody.  Write your own sign. Kind of like living your own truth, but better. 
my sign! 
Because by writing your own sign, you are stacking the deck.  And every now and then, why shouldn't you?  Our magicians with the circus get paid to do it.  And for them, it works out just fine.  Even magically for you spectators. 

So gather your supplies. Write your own sign.You never know who will be attracted to you because of it. Dare to say the magic words.  And stack the deck. 

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