Friday, February 10, 2012

A Sign I Could Have Passed Chemistry

Oz was online last night. (Remember him, from The Yellow Brick Road, part I.) In case you were absolutely dying to know, I have not progressed any further with him. But I have ruby slippers, flying monkeys, and time on my side, right?

Anyway he was updating a status, claiming (and this may be a direct quote) that "I'm a little stopped up at the moment--no, not what you're thinking--but in the sense of work, school, projects. With chaos eventually comes order."

And being witty and enamored, I couldn't help but correct him. Because in fact, with order comes chaos.

I know this because I failed the third installment of what evil scientists call chemistry. This segment of chemistry contained entropy, which does in fact prove that the more orderly something is, the faster it succumbs to chaos. Which is really fascinating and a great argument for children to not clean their rooms, or for me to not organize my clothes drawers--it is out of self preservation, people!

That installment of chemistry dealt with a lot of math and other abstract ideas relating to thermodynamics (dark matter, enthalpy, fractions) that were fun to talk about but awful to test on.

Which might I add, makes perfect sense. The harder my professor tried to organize and simplify these concepts for me, the faster they disintegrated in my brain. Entropy in action, my friends.

So here we have scientific proof that nothing in life is neat and orderly and simple. So why on earth should I expect love to be??

A sign I could have passed chemistry.

It is also a sign from the Universe saying, "You'll be okay kid. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road and who knows who you'll have chemistry with along the way."

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