Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's All In the Hands

A lot of people take their hands for granted, not even truly noticing them until the unfortunate hang nail or splinter befalls them.  I am no such person though.

In one of my jobs I got to learn palm reading. Strangely enough it is not all hocus-pocus I predict something vaguely good will happen in your future type of stuff. We don't read the future because we make our own future. We can tell you about yourself. And the lines on your hands change as your personality grows and changes. Bizarre and wonderful. And since I have loved observing people's hands.

Also, eight months ago I received massive second-degree burns on my left hand. Being a hands on person as well as a flutist proved a difficulty (never mind my stubbornly independent streak). 

But through all of the burn ointment and gauze, even after the healing was through I discovered a truth. When everything is burning I don't need someone to make my world better, I just need someone to hold my hand until it is. There is so much strength behind our hands. Supportive, protective, telling, strong, our first sensory experience. 
Josh Groban sings, "You see these hands, they're millions strong, they are yours now. Hold on love, we're still going down, hold now we're still fighting." All hands together, we can accomplish anything. With hands united, we do.

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Anonymous said...

Really liked this. I've often been curious about learning to read hands. The song quote is lovely.