Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sign of Silence

As great composers know, sometimes silence is more beautiful than sound. A well timed silence can ring out loud.

Thank you, horoscope for today. As I read this, I started to believe my horoscope writer is falling out of touch. My day was incredibly noisy, and in every way it had to be.

But as I sat here and thought, my mind went to the deeper meaning. I have recently experienced a person I could spend the rest of my life with. Easily enjoyable, like Sunday comics. Timing wasn't right, however.  So my breath of hope got taken from me. And I have waited, more patiently than I have ever been. Sometimes great things take great efforts. I have nothing but AND only time to lose. And my silence is swallowing my minutes. But I take it in stride. This horoscope points that I should be quiet, and learn how to wait, even after it feels like I have waited so long.

On a greater scale, though, the universe has already told me that my loud spunky-ness is all right. It gave me more opportunities this year than I have had in the past 3 put together. So I will be quietly composing my symphony of plans in my head. And when my time comes to play, it will ring forth more beautiful than the most golden of silences. Obviously it is not complete yet. But when it is, watch out Mozart. Here I come.

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