Monday, August 1, 2011

A Sign You Are Smarter Than You Know

Among my friends, I am known for a listening heart with good advice. Something I consistently say about relationships and the right people goes as follows.

You are on a path. This path is both literal and metaphorical. It is for you only. You have a long distance to cover on your path. And there are many things on it just for you. The right person will not pull you off of this path. The second you stray off of your path to chase someone else, you are missing whatever was coming your way. Everything you do, believe in, feel and think, those are the things that make up your path. And one day, through all you do, you will attract someone to your side. And your path becomes their path, and their path becomes your path. Don't stray from your path. The right person will find you through everything you are.

And I believe this, because every time I put a toe off of my path, I get whacked on the nose by the universe. I don't trust that my path will bring me what I need.  But it does. And it provides me with strength. 

I also believe this because I could not have accomplished what I have by straying from who I am, and what I am meant to do. That is powerful. That is the path. My path.

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