Saturday, July 30, 2011

Opera Lessons

I have found that there is nothing quite as scintillating a night on the opera. Dressed to the nines. Expensive fancy chocolate. Timeless story lines.  Outrageous costumes and set. Truly unbelievable music. All for a student-rush ticket of $12. Last night was....
When faced with arduous trails,  the hero Tamino implored, "When will I get what I desire?"
The response was, "Soon, or never."

Of course, in operatic standards, that "never" could be slightly dramatic. But opera does mirror true human behavior.

When will I get what I desire? Soon, or never. How remarkably true is that? It is self-fulfilling. If I don't receive some kind of sign soon, I believe I never will and thus will change what I desire, or change my course of action to achieve it.  The beautiful thing about that, though, is a sign comes either way.  We are constantly regulated by our environment, through punishment and reward, encouragement and discouragement, on our path to achieve that great desire. We may feel lost or like we are wasting time, but that is just another lesson on our path to Soon or Never.

When it all comes down to it, Soon or Never is really all we have. Will this day ever end? Soon or Never. Will he ever call? Soon or Never. Will I ever graduate?? Soon or Never. And as long as we keep ourselves open to the signs, to the feedback, the answer will sooner be sooner than never.

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