Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Need a Margarita with Dinner

Today was, to put it lightly, miserable. Let me enlighten you, play by play.

8:33AM.  turn off alarm, feel miserable, remembers how ex handled the news last night about me dating like a champ, while i imploded when i found out he was over me. lay in bed until second alarm sounds.

8:55AM. turn off second alarm. set a third alarm. Can't miss work today, today I lose a disciplinary point because of one month of perfect attendence.

9:16 wake up, still feeling miserable. put on wrinkly shirt. grab an apple, too pathetic to muster up the energy to pack anything else.

9:37AM leave home, empty stomach.

9:43AM Starbucks Drive-Thru is closed. (WTF!) i actually have to get out of my vehicle for coffee? and i can't find my coupon.

9:43AM Lady in black SUV almost hits me.

9:47-10:40AM Stuck in traffic for no apparent reason. Averaged 25mph whole way to work. took an hour to get to work. so much for that month of perfect attendence. i could have stayed home in bed....

10:40AM work at the aquarium. somewhat decent.

12:29PM 'ellen go to shark petting area.'

12:29PM-2:45PM shark petting area inudated by 3500 kids in day camps. two hours non stop repition. two fingers. wait til their eyes pass. don't pull on any fins or tails. just use two fingers. show me what two fingers looks like. yes they can bite but not when we only use two fingers and follow all the rules...

2:20PM lost day camper comes to me, can't find his group. they were getting ready to leave and insisted they had everybody even after my supervisor asked them. poor day camper was reunited with camp, although we don't know if he made it home safely...

2:46PM teetering on mental meltdown, finally relieved from shark petting area, shaking and close to tears from how overwhelming it is trying to prevent people from doing stupid things. eats icecream for lunch.

2:51PM guy i tried to get to ask me out a few months back asks me out.

3:00PM received texts from my crush, whom i am currently dating, saying if you want to talk to me tonight at practice don't bank on it, my family will be there, i'll be busy, etc. so you might not want to come. his family doesn't knew we are dating, seeing as i am the first would be serious relationship he has ever had, and is struggling to break the news to them. so text translation: don't come to practice because my family is going to be there.

3:01-6:44PM life sorta coasts along. still teetering on the edge though. but thankfully i get off work early.

6:45PM realize i had been asked out, drove the rest of the way home frustrated again.

7:27PM mom burns half of my tuna melt.

7:31PM reads horoscope "you'll naturally gravitate toward stability, elegance, and excellence," but hears "you'll naturally gravitate toward stability, elegance, and excellence.. too bad there is none to be found. And like an asteriod, you'll get sucked into something else's gravitational oull, and head for certain destruction."

the only redeeming sign comes in the form of a jimmy buffet tune.... It all says you need is a margarita with dinner.

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Display Name said...


He is a tool who is full of BS.

I hope he is reading this. He is a jerk. He does not deserve you, nor is he really serious about you. He is playing you.

Call the guy at work who asked you out and say yes!