Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Not So Ordinary 2011

This has honestly been the best year of my life so far. And on paper, it’s impressive, but also surprising. I think grown-ups call it ‘a learning experience,’
My first New Year’s in 5 years that wasn’t miserable

Learned how to eat fire, then learned the sense not to

Played a principle part in CCM’s Symphony Orchestra, with burnt fingers

Celebrated a One Year Anniversary with a job that was as unforeseeable as it is enjoyable
Celebrated a my first year of service to the SPCA

Recognized my worth and quit what was worth quitting
Applied for on a whim and received a great job, in hopes of boosting my career as a biologist

Only to change majors to Psychology, courtesy of a wake up call (thank you Chemistry 103)

Attend my first Alt. Rock concert, lost my hearing and my voice, and learned I’ll never be an Alt. Rock girl through and through

Wrote 113 pages (because I promised to write until it sucked less) despite not feeling like I could follow through or finish anything

Sent poetry in to be published (keep your fingers crossed!)

Learned to read palms and not to rely on the future, because nothing is for certain

Enjoyed 2 operas, the dress I got to wear to both, and the new close friends I went with
Shot a shot gun and learned to how to throw knives, because it’s ok to be more than what meets the eye

Went on an incredible first date (over three months in the making) and

Learned what (and who) is worth waiting for

Gave for the sake of Giving for 29 days and watched my world changed

Received a gift of 6 expensive concert tickets, gave away 5, and was upgraded beyond believing (<3 josh groban!!!!), which taught me

Being loud is a good thing, because you never know until you ask (the worst they can say is yes)

And anything worth doing or experiencing takes time and a lot of faith.

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