Thursday, July 7, 2011

Signs You Have Made a Friend....

Signs you have made a friend:

in Kindergarten: they share their cookies with you when your mom packed you carrots for snacks. they 
whisper to you during nap time. they share their crayons with you, even the good colors. they never tell on you. they come over for play dates and love your pets. you do silly things together because no one else understands how cool you are. they sit next to you on the bus. they hold your hand.

in Elementary School: they chase you around outside.  they yell and laugh at you but it's okay because you yell and laugh at them. there are no personal boundaries between you.  you have a secret handshake. you break all the rules together. you play together. you just met this morning.

at your Work Place: you talk about things like movies and restaurant reviews. you occasionally crack a joke between one another. you get drinks after work. you say good morning and good bye to each other.

in a Relationship: (see "kindergarten")

with your In-Laws: (see "work place")

in a Circus Company: (see "elementary school") and add a flying trapeze and other elements of

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