Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maybe You Need a Map

Say you are browsing the Welcome Center.
Oh, maps!
These neatly folded squares indicate all sorts of things: Map of Ohio, Map of Historic Kentucky, Map of Haunted Greater Cincinnati, Map of Restuarants, Map of Local Points of Interest. You take the first and the third, just in case.

You look even closer and see more maps. Map to _________.  What would your dream map say?

Mine would say Map to Successful Relationship with B.C. (....and would probably include a bottle of asprin because this incredible guy frustrates me to the point of headaches)

If given the map of your dreams, would you take it?  There are a lot of times maps really come in handy. When there are detours, for example. Or when electronic directions take you no where (like swimming across the ocean to get from China to Taiwan, or to a dead end street while insisting you go forward).

I can see my hand reaching forward....and taking only the bottle of asprin. Because anything worth doing takes time. And when all else fails, follow directions.

When all else fails, then and only then, maybe you need a map.

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Display Name said...

... or perhaps, a nap? Works for me! Lovely, thought-provoking post.