Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Signs that Would Be Helpful if Applied to Real Life (1)

Today I found out that there are a few signs that I would like to magically appear in my life.  This one is a keeper.
Ah, yes. Low fuel. It could indicate you are about to run out of steam, out of energy, at your emotional capacity. Which would clearly indicate the need for a nap. And a snack. And to re-exam where you are going. Re-fueling allows you to stop and wash the windows. Check the map. Talk to locals. Visit the welcome center. Sometimes re-fueling can be a whole new adventure of itself!

But we don't have a "low fuel" sign that lights up just above our belly buttons. So we don't know. We tend to keep putzing along until everything comes to a screeching halt, collapses, and/or catches on fire. And then our adventures take a back seat. And we feel rather down on ourselves for letting things get that far.

The moral of the story is to pay attention to your low-fuel indicator.  Sometimes it is better to NOT be the hero, and take a minute for yourself. Re-fuel, then test your limits.  And pay attention. 

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