Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sign You Weren't Meant to Get Ahead (Manatees)

Every now and then one of those comes along and just knocks us off our feet. Because if we had seen it coming, oh say in this form, we might have found a way around it.

No such luck. Here I am at the drawing board of my life again, and I find myself erasing, probably senselessly, all the things I see disappearing. But it's okay. My excuse: I wasn't meant to get ahead. And for the next few days that's how it will be. You don't just get up and waltz away from one of these wrecks. There are vertebrate and self-esteem to make sure are intact.

I suppose if I were to muse on it, the wreck I find myself in is probably my fault. Shouldn't have been in cruise control, applying lipgloss, singing to the radio, and arriving promptly at my long awaited destination looking marvelous.

Maybe I didn't see the signs. Maybe I didn't count my blessings. 

Or maybe this is a good sign. If I had flown by this in one piece, I might have missed the manatees. Sure they are not the cutest of creatures but HEY people used to think they were mermaids. And that's a good luck sign, right? And if I missed the manatees, I might have missed the dolphins, limbo happy hour, and who knows what else?!

It'll be a few days until I see those harbingers of good news, those manatees. Right now I'm busy at the drawing board, futilely attempting to reconstruct myself. There's not much else I can do right now in this ditch I'm in.  But perhaps once the rain eases, I'll be able to see the silver lining. And a rainbow? That's the best time to see manatees, so I've heard...

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