Saturday, November 5, 2011

From this Angle
I saw a really neat sign last night. I was watching one of my new favorite shows, My Extreme Animal Phobia. One of the clients the therapist was helping was deathly afraid of butterflies. Through exposure therapy, the woman eventually was surrounded by 200 butterflies, and was perfectly okay with it. When one landed on her shoulder, she said, "From this angle, they are kind of beautiful."

I have a friend that I am feuding with. I am not sure they know that we are feuding, but we are. I did not appreciate an analogy they used towards me, regarding me. And I do not approve of the lack of compassion they proceeded to show me. But from an obnoxiously close angle, it is kind of beautiful, to have someone you care so much about that you can feud and make up with very little harm done. To have someone inspire the passion it takes to stand up for yourself.

I have an appointment coming up on Monday. Every time I think about it, my stomach does an awkward two-step inside me. From a close angle, I still do not find it beautiful. I am grateful about it. But even more respectful. Not everything should be viewed at from obnoxiously close angles. Venomous snakes and spiders for example. Fire is another good one. Or contagious diseases and really bad ideas. These things require respect for their existence, and respectable distances to be kept.

Still, it is good to view your life and the objects in it from a closer angle, to swallow that bigger picture we sometimes get wrapped up in.

Nine times out of ten, you will find it beautiful. Okay, make that six times out of ten. As long as those remaining four aren't deadly encounters of the aforementioned kind, I'd say your odds are pretty good. Just beware the signs, from this angle.

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