Monday, November 28, 2011

Sign of Self:those people

Every now and then, a great personal insight comes along that can really change your life. They are signs of self. 

This is a those people post.  Everyone know that they belong to a "those people" category.  Some of them are humorous, like "those crazy hat people," others not so much, like "those casserole bringing people."  So what kind of "those people" am I?

Today I was talking out loud to figure out a problem when I realized I am a Contingency Plan person.  I hide it in the guise of over-preparedness, and can-do spirit, but when it boils down to it, I focus on the fall back plan.  Even though I phrase my situations optimisitcally, stating "If this fails" not "when," I still have a back up plan. It is how I make situations that are absolutely horrible reasonable in my mind. Because there is a back up.

I am a living worst case scenario game!!

Whenever I hear the words contingency plan, I always think of death. And that is not what I want associated with me.  How morbid!  And to think, my security blanket of plans could even be the thing that sets me up attacks by Murphy's Law, because some of my contingency plans are better than the ones I am living. Why do I do that?!

I attest I can continue being a Contingency Plan person, but only if I can adjust my outlook: Don't have something greater than what you are doing be a contingency plan- don't wait for failure, just do it!  I don't want to be any other kind of Contingency Plan person, just like I don't want to be anybody's contingency plan.

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