Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Signs that Would Be Helpful if Applied to Real Life (2)

People seem to have this notion that geography is the key factor in change.  While this helps, I disagree.  Although, my longest running life goal consists of different geographic placement, this is not my key factor to change.  How spectacular would it be if we saw signs like this everyday?  In every moment when we question ourselves, in our searching for what we think we need?

Change is internal.  Change we breath in everyday.  The earth changes, seasons change.  And this time of year happens to be my favorite season of change.  Not because of the exchanging of gifts, or the dining on succulent food.  This is a season of change.

Late November, early December, is the time of year for shopping for new calendars.  It's the moment we make year-long commitments to pocket books, desk calendars, and wall calendars.  We look through thousands of pictures of puppies, and flowers, and optimistic sayings to find that right calendar. 

This is moment we realize that our coming year teems with endless possibilities.  Who knows what we will have scribbled on January 5th?  Or what kind of plans we will circle in red on Valentine's Day?  Anything is possible.

And just like committing to a calendar and feeling the energy of endless possibilities, we have to realize we can see this around us everyday.  Everyday is a destination waiting for us to declare, "I have arrived!"  The change we wish to garner through packed bags and new homes begins with each breath everyday, where we are right now. I wish we could see this sign every day.  To know this is where everything can (and will) change if we let it, if we let ourselves.  This is the place to turn your life around.

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