Sunday, November 6, 2011

Penguin Song

I witnessed an amazing sight today. While at work, I took a minute to watch the king penguins. All 11 were stationed loosely around the penguin exhibit. Then suddenly, one raised his head and sang a little tune. After he stopped, another took up the verse. One by one, the king penguins took turns throwing their heads back in song. This went on for about five minutes.

In watching this sign, I discovered a profound sense of unity and belonging. They are not the most social birds. They don't put on fancy displays with feathers or flying, kind of like us. But even after one gave up on his song, there was another penguin to add to it, and continue until the song found its way back to him.

Please know we are all interconnected. The actions we define ourselves with will send out songs. Someone on the other side of the world is listening in their heart, nodding in approval, waiting to join in.  Worldwide, we belong.

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